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Washer Repair Service


It’s extremely convenient now a days to have a washing machine at our disposal any time of the day or night. It’s tremendously helpful when you just need to get a quick load done for the next morning. But what is not so helpful and very stressful is when you go to put them in the dryer and notice the water didn’t drain or even worse, that it didn’t even turn on. That’s when you should call in a professional washer repair technician to assist you with your malfunctioning washer.

All Seasons Appliance Repair in Winnipeg is available 7 days a week, even on holidays to our customers at no extra cost or hidden fees. Our washer repair technicians will arrive on site with their fully loaded vehicles stacked with the highest of quality materials and tools to get any washer repair job done any day of the week. The washer repair technicians employed at All Seasons Appliance Repair in Winnipeg are fully trained with up to date techniques and proper etiquette to provide the most professional service 7 days a week for our customers.

Our washer repair experts work rotating shifts in order to provide 7 days a week service to the city of Winnipeg. We attempt to prevent any potential problems in the future from developing by simply explaining to our customers about careful maintenance for their washer appliance. Call our friendly customer service team 7 days a week and we’ll be happy to assist you with your malfunctioning washing machine.


Now a days, doing our laundry at home is more of a luxury then a chore to be scheduled, then all that needs to be done is gather your dirty laundry and load it into the washer and turn it on. Most don’t notice it as a luxury because it has become so common for them until they no longer can use that washing machine, then you realize how much of a luxury it really was.

Local Winnipeg Washer Repair Service

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a washing machine in your home or business, you understand that when it breaks down it becomes extremely inconvenient to you. Don’t stress about it, just call in the professionals at All Seasons Appliance Repair Winnipeg. Our highly trained and qualified washer repair technicians will assist you in your repair service immediately. Our team of professional and highly qualified appliance repair technicians go through all the possibilities and potential issues when investigating the malfunction of your washing machine to ensure the issue is corrected in the first visit.

Unlike most appliance repair companies who sub-contract out, we have our own in house washer repair technicians. We are all locals to the Winnipeg area and are neighbours or friends to some of our customers, with that being said, we ensure to always offer the most professional and courteous service regardless of the situation at hand. Just give us a try today! Contact our professional customer service team to get a washer repair technician dispatched to you immediately.


Washing machines seem so simple right? It just washes your clothes and drains it through a drainpipe, what’s complicated with that? Well I’ll tell you. Just because you can see the simple parts of the washing machine does not mean there isn’t smaller more complex parts that can break down or malfunction. You have items like multiple pulleys or the water level control assembly that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

These parts require attention from a professional washer repair technician in order to repair so that your washing machine’s lifespan may be extended. There could be simple solution to your washer malfunction like just replacing the drain hose or water hose otherwise it could be more complex like repairing the water filter or water pump. Our qualified washer repair technicians arrive well prepared to fix any issue that may arise while on scene, so there will be no having to wait days to get a certain part in or ordered.

All Seasons Appliance Repair Winnipeg equips all their washer repair experts with all the necessary materials and tools needed to repair any appliance repair job while still providing the highest of quality parts. Although there are complex parts to your washing machine, our team of qualified washer repair technicians will do their best to provide reasonable and honest explanations to your malfunction or break downs while providing the fastest solution in the meantime. Call our friendly customer service team today and get a professional washer repair technician sent to your location as soon as possible.


Though, most appliances do have complex parts that may cost quite a bit of money to replace, it is nothing compared to having to buy a whole new appliance. We understand that most people don’t have the means to always afford a random mechanical breakdown, that is why All Seasons Appliance Repair Winnipeg do our best to supply our customers with affordable washer repairs without compromising the integrity of the materials.

Our washer repair technicians are highly qualified and will arrive on scene with all the high-quality materials and tools needed so that there is no waiting period to repair your washer appliance malfunctions. We ensure our employees provide proper etiquette when dealing with all our customers no matter the situation given to them. All Seasons Appliance Repair Winnipeg team are available 7 days a week, on holidays as well without extra charges or hidden fees to better serve our customers.

Our team of washer repair technicians are local to Winnipeg and as such we look to our customers as neighbours, friends or even family and try our utmost best to leave the work area as tidy as our own home. So, whether your washing machine will not drain, not fill with water or even start, our professional washer repair technicians will repair your washing machine malfunctions same day without any wait periods. Just call All Seasons Appliance Repair in Winnipeg to get the most affordable washer repair service in all of Winnipeg.