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Local Winnipeg Appliance Repair Services

I run a small local laundry mat and one of my washing machines wasn’t draining properly. I couldn’t afford to have even one to break down, I’d lose quite a bit of money. I had to call on a professional to take care of it for me. So, I called on All Seasons Appliance Repair in Winnipeg. They were very helpful and courteous.

Got the job repaired the same day within a few hours and at a reasonable price. I am so appreciative. Thank you to every single one there that helped me out. You’re all wonderful. Keep up the great work.



My family and I always get together every Sunday and have a huge family brunch. We alternate houses and who cooks. This weekend was my turn.  Woke up 7 am and start the prep for the meal, I go to turn on my stove and place the pan on top to warm up. About a minute later I placed the bacon in but I didn’t hear it sizzle like its suppose to. I grabbed my thermometer and check the temperature.

Long story short, it wasn’t heating up to the temperature its suppose to. Instead of freaking out, I quickly looked up who to call. Thankfully, All Seasons Appliance Repair was open and extremely helpful. Then sent over their technician immediately and I had my stove in working order within 1 hour of placing the call. Bless you guys! You saved my brunch. Thank you! 



Is your refrigerator running. No, it’s not a joke, seriously is it? Because mine was not. It’s so annoying and inopportune too. I had just done grocery shopping the day before for my keto diet and I woke up today to see a puddle of water on my kitchen floor. Honestly I was fuming.  I went to grab my phone and call the first appliance repair company I seen in my search results. Poor lady on the phone, didn’t think my voice was going to come out so harsh, but she reassured me they will be able to help me today and that the tech guy will call soon to advise me that he was on his way over.

And yup, she was right. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later the tech called and said he would be at my place in 45 minutes. He came and fixed the issue, I let him do his thing because I honestly was just still so annoyed but not at him. 30 minutes later he came into my living room described the issue to me and when I seen the bill I was amazed at the price. Not costly at all. Thank goodness. I appreciate the help!